Make Preventative planning bring you a positive long term return on your farm

Use our Experience

We are not here to sell you anything, but more to help you make the right decisions with your land.   Making the right plans on your PP acres can save you a lot of money not only today but also in the future.  We have been in the Cover Crop industry for 10+ years and can help you to not only save money but also to help you realize a long term return. 

Don't get taken for a ride.

We have been hearing some outlandish prices on cover crop seed from many people that are just getting into the cover crop business.  We will not only design the right cover crop for you but we will price out the best option for your local area.  We want to help you make this cover crop experience and PP experience a profitable one so don't let a seed company take advantage of you.

Hire us to make your PP experience a good one.

We just need to know your location, your resource concerns  (erosion, nutrient holding, nutrient cycling, haying, grazing, soil building, etc.) and the price you'd like to stay under and we will help you to set up the best cover crop option.  We will price out different seed suppliers for you to identify which will be the best fit for you in your area.  We will do everything except the actual planting of the cover crop for you.  

For $2.00 per acre we will make sure that you have the best seed blend together and sourced at the best price possible.  We will have you set up so you will be able to come into next spring with a clean slate and land that is in better shape than it was last year.  Not only will we most likely save you that price in seed but we will likely save you that in fuel savings throughout the year.  

So quit worrying about what your going to plant on those PP acres and hire us today. 

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Hire us today to help you design the Perfect Cover Crop Blend for your Farm

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