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We are a family owned Soil Health and Land Owner Consulting Firm focused on leading the change to Regenerative Agriculture. We are focused on protecting the land for future generations, while improving the environmental benefits of farming all while making the farmers more profitable. If your goal is to rejuvenate your farms while also increasing profits, please reach out to us. 


Water and Carbon

If you need help to fix the Carbon and Water Cycles on your farms look no further.  This will be your fastest way to improve your profits while improving the function of your soil.  We have a vast understanding of how to implement cover crops and other soil health principles profitably.  Don't waste another ray of sunlight or drop of rain... Contact us Today. 


It's all about working together!

When we can connect the right farmers with the right landowners we can fix many of the problems we currently have in Agriculture.  If you want to find a farmer that will not only maintain but will also regenerate your soils, feel free to contact us.  We can help to build your soils all while helping to prevent erosion and clean the waters of the U.S.

Cody Nelson Incorporating Cover Crops and Soil Health

Watch Cody Nelson- President of Soil RX Inc. explain the why's and how's of incorporating cover crops and soil health principles on your farm. 


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Public Speaking

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If your in the need of a Regenerative Ag Speaker, Let us know!

2020 Schedule

February 5th- 10:30 AM - 3PM

Implementing 60 Inch Corn on your operation to better implement Cover Crop Interseeding

Mabel Community Center, Mabel, MN

March 6th - Ridgewater Soil Health Day 8AM-Noon 

Introduction to Regen Ag 

Ridgewater College, Willmar, MN

March 10th 9am-2pm -

Introducing Regenerative Ag to your Conventional Operation

Minnewaska House 24895 MN HWY 28 Glenwood, MN 56334 


21023 440th ST, Belview, MN 56214, US

(507) 720-2998