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We are looking for land for you.

Our goal is to connect as many Farmland Owners to Farmers and Ranchers whom are already implementing the Soil Health Principles. 

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We cannot contact you about any land opportunities in your area without your contact info. We want to help the Soil Health Movement grow by connecting Absentee landowners with Regenerative Farmers and Ranchers. 

Give us as much info as you can.

As we are compiling this list of producers we will give you a score based on your farming practices.  Don't worry, We won't give your information to anyone... We just want to be able to match you up with the right land owners. 

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We are looking to add Farmers already implementing No-Till, Reduced Till, Cover Crops, and Livestock

Please leave your Farm Name, City, State, Zip Code, and prefered Contact Info and as much information about your farming operation as possible in the message.   Even If you are just doing some of the principles or in the beginning stages we want to add you to the list.  Thank You!


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