5 Principles of Soil Health

Keeping the soil Covered


It is crucial to provide armor on your soil at all times.  This will help to lighten the blow from heavy wind and rain.  Preventing erosion and helping to alleviate compaction. 

Reducing Soil Disturbance


It is important to understand the negative affects to the soil that soil disturbance creates.  It needs to be left to function and disrupted as little as possible.  

Increase Plant Diversity


Diversity is everything when it comes to increasing biological activity in your soil.  In a day when much of our land is seeing only corn and soybeans, it is important to add diversity whenever the chance presents itself.  

Keeping a living root in the ground


It is important to remember that these soils were formed by having a living root in the ground all year long.  We can do that by utilizing the right cover crops and cropping practices.  Think of the farm as a solar panel and you want to capture all of the Sun's energy to help feed your soil. 

Incorporating Livestock


It seems like it was just yesterday when we were told that we need to remove the livestock.  But, they were wrong.  Although science is great and has done some amazing things, we have yet to replicate what comes out of the rear end of our livestock and there is nothing better for our soil.