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Why Soil RX?

  • Because we are the only Land Owner Consulting Firm that is truly looking out for the long term values of your soil through improving the Soil Health.  We have reached Peak soil loss throughout the corn belt, which means on average we have already lost over half of it.  
  • Our first step is to help your current Renter to began to farm with a focus on Soil Health.  And if this Farmer doesn't have any interest in changing the way they farm...
  • We have already put together a list of Farmers throughout the entire United States that are already incorporating the Basic Soil Health Principles and If we can't find someone on our list to farm your land we will help to train someone in the area to do it right.  
  • Who else will ensure you that the farmer renting your land is doing everything to not only improve your land but is also doing everything in his or her power to make healthy soil, clean water, and a better environment. 

Soil Health is Key

  • Without healthy soil we have nothing.  We are losing soil at a rapid rate and we need to do something about it.  And the soil that we do have is being extremely degraded. Through years of farming and working with farmers that have not only been using minimal or no-till practices, but also incorporating cover crops and sometimes even bringing in livestock we are seeing them not only becoming more profitable, but also better stewards of the land.  

Soil Loss

  • Currently, the upper midwest is averaging just over 5.2 tons of topsoil loss from each acre, each and every year.  This equivalates to nearly an inch of topsoil every 10 years. With current farming practices it takes nearly 500 years to build that inch back but through the use of regenerative practices we can build the soil faster than we were losing it.   So we have found a way to not only slow down the erosion but to regenerate it and rebuild it all while making the farmer more profitable and increasing the value of your farm. 

As a Landowner you are in charge of Clean Water and Healthy Soil.

  • If you want to help the environment and you enjoy clean water you can easily do your part as a landowner. At Soil RX we can help you and your renter both succeed in this partnership.  You can save your soil, make sure that the water that does leave your farm is free of topsoil and nutrients, making the rivers and streams cleaner, also giving us all cleaner drinking water and also helping to save the environment.  But it is crucial to remember that you are in charge of doing this.  If you require that tillage is reduced, and cover crops are incorporated, the water will be cleaner, and your soil will be healthier.  We at Soil RX are here to watch over the process, have those conversations with your renters, and educate them on these processes to keep them moving in a forward direction.  If your current tenant does not have any interest in farming this way, we have a long list of producers that are implementing these practices all over the United States.  

How does this all work?

  • The question often comes up "How is all of this possible? How can I help save my soil and clean up the soil all while helping my renter to become more profitable?"
  • The answer is actually pretty simple. First off, you can save your soil by making sure that the water that does leave your farm is free of topsoil and nutrients, making the rivers and streams cleaner,which in turn helps  to build the long term value in your farm and also helps the the renter become more profitable as their Tillage costs will decrease, their Nutrient loss will decrease, their Soil Health will increase, therefore their inputs will decrease, and their profitability will go up.  This helps to make everyone more profitable and it helps to clean up the environment. It is truly a win-win situation.  We are here to help the transition move in the right direction and to prevent failures. 

How do I get started?

  • All you need to do is contact us at Soil RX and we can show you how our land management company works for you and for the farmers.  
  • We can offer full Land Management Services or we also offer a consulting service allowing you to maintain management where we  can help your renter take better care of your land. 

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Farm Land Owner Soil Health Consulting Services

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