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For too long there not been anyone to help guide farmers and ranchers in their path to sustainability and regenerative practices.  We are putting an end to that and we will walk you through step by step and be available daily to help you to make your agronomic decisions involving all Soil Health Principles. We are the consultant that you are looking for to help you add the right cover crops for the right situation. 

What Soil RX Consulting will do for you.

Soil RX will work with you year in and year out developing your plan and helping to keep you on track with your plan.  We will help you to make your cover crops and other soil health principles pay you back so they are not just an added expense.  We will design your cover crop blends for you, help you find the best source for seed (if needed) , set up blends that are proven to increase profits into desired cash crops, follow through with spring management of cover crops and show you where to begin to cut other inputs from your operation in order to increase profit. We will be there to provide information, knowledge, and experience to your operation.   Soil RX will help to understand how and when to do soil health testing so we can start to cut on nutrient requirements and help you to become more focused on growing your solutions.

New for 2020 Crop Year!

In our quest to help more farms to become more profitable we are changing our pricing structure.  In the past we have charged a per acre basis.  Although this was a success, we think we've identified a plan to make it even more affordable moving forward.  We will now be charging on a per farm basis.  Contact us Today for more information at 507-720-2998

  We offer all of the Soil Health Consulting Services from building cover crop blends, to termination plans, along with analyzing the right soil tests at the right time to assure that we are giving credit where credit is due for the nutrients retained by the cover crops.  We most often plan to have paid for ourselves before you have the cover crop in the ground.  And the rest is History.  Our goal is to make our clients not only more profitable, but also more environmentally friendly all while improving the land of each operation for future generations.  

Email us at or call (507) 720-2998 for more details. 

Soil Health Consulting

We have been working with farmers and ranchers all over the United States, helping them to gain profitability, and helping to guide them in their path to Regenerative Agriculture.  If you would like for us to help you on your quest please contact us. 

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  • If you are looking for a no nonsense approach to achieving soil health on your farms please let us know.  We would be happy to come to your farm, develop a plan, and walk with you on your path to increased profitability and conservation.  We offer a full line-up of soil health consulting and are ready to come work for you.  We are one of the only companies than can bring with the experience of helping large and small farms alike turn into more regenerative and sustainable farming operations.  

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We love what we do, knowing that we are going to leave the land in a better situation for the next generation through the use of Cover Crops and other Soil Health Principles. 


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