Investing in Land


Invest in land to help make a difference

If you really want to make a difference with the environment the choice is yours.  If you are interested in buying land we will help you find the land, find farmers that will farm it with Soil Health and the Environment in mind.  

It's a solid Investment

While others are investing in land and allowing it to be farmed in a degradable manner allowing it to actually loose value over time as the soil quality decreases you can actually build your soils with sustainable farming practices allowing you in increase the value of your investment over time.  

Invest in Water Quality

If others won't do it you have to!  It's no secret that we have a water quality issue in the United States.  We know how to fix it. But we need the farm landowners to make the call.  We need them to demand that their land if farmed utilizing the Soil Health Principles to assure that we are continuing the quest for healthy soil, clean water, and clean air.  This "new" way of farming can do all of this and we are here to make sure your investment is being managed in a way to conquer this goal.

How does it work?

It's really not that complicated.  You, the investor purchases the farmland.  Whether you have some land that your already looking at or if you have us find land for you in an area that really needs help, for instance in watersheds and highly erodible areas.  After the purchase is made we will manage the land for you, making sure that the right tillage practices, cover crops, and other procedures are used by the renters.  We set up the farmer for success, the land owner for success, and the land for success.  Allowing us to build healthy soils along with a healthy environment and a healthy economy.  

Spread the word.

Do you have friends interested in investing in farmland, investing in clean water, or investing in healthy soil?  We can help them as well.  Please spread the word as we aim to change the rural landscape from the black desert to a green paradise.  

You decide!

You are the one who ultimately decides whether or not your land get prepared to grow in quality or blow in the winter.  If you are ready to help in the movement let us know.  We want to help make the world a better place.  

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