Did You Know?


As a landowner you can demand that you keep your topsoil.

Current farming practices are creating an average loss of 5.2 tons of topsoil loss from each acre each year.  Over 10 years that is nearly an inch of topsoil lost.  With today's farming practices it will take 500 years to rebuild that inch.  But we can do it much faster... and we know how to help your renter to that. Which in turn will help you add value to your land.

You can also demand clean water...

Can you imagine knowing that you did everything you could to provide clean water for future generations.  Can you imagine no more talk about the Dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico or fish kills from Algae Blooms?  My managing your farm correctly you can do your part. And regardless of what you tenant tells you... they can farm differently.  We are working with farmers from Coast to Coast and Minnesota to Texas.  It can be done anywhere.  

You can make the difference!

It is often hard for farmers to change and who can blame them? It's hard to change when times are tough.  Especially when what they have been doing for so many years has seemed to work.  But unfortunately it's not really working anymore.  We are seeing more nutrient leaching, soil erosion, crop diseases, herbicide resistant weeds, water infiltration issues, etc than we have ever seen.  Soil health can not only help solve a lot of these issues but can help to prevent more from coming.  

You decide how your land is managed.

This is what we do.  We can take over the management for you.  We can work with your current tenant and educate them on how to farm differently.  We will help them gain profitability and also help you not only hold on to your topsoil but also to help build more.  If they prefer not to take care of your farm properly then we can find someone else who will.  But it is crucial to remember that you the landowner are the one in charge.  

Picuture this...

Picture in your head two fields right next to each other.  One of them is the neighbors, it is has been turned black from the plow.  There is small black drifts in the road ditch.  There is cutouts in the side hills from the early heavy spring rains.  It is muddy and messy.  But on your side it is green from cover crops.  You can still see the rows from last years crop but the soil biology is slowly breaking them down naturally as your soil is coming to life.  There is a few turkeys on the far end of the field and a couple deer on the opposite corner.  You also see some soil drifting on your ground but it was some that you caught because your neighbor let theirs blow onto yours.   Think of who's runoff is cleaner?  Of course that is if there is any runoff from your side.  When your soil is alive the crops will also thrive. Our goal is to make every field in the country look like this.  This will provide clean water, profitable farming, healthy fields, a stronger rural community, and a better environment.    

There is no reason to wait.

Contact us now for us to help you take care of your farms.